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Welcome to the Web site of author Michael Shawn Keller. Michael's known for his imaginative storytelling and insightful  books about enjoying the little pleasures that are given to us every day. His books remind us that even though life is not perfect, we decide our own destinies and we can be happy if we decide to be.  Hectic schedules and the stresses we unknowingly create for ourselves often end up taking over our lives, barely allowing us a moment to simply stop and have fun right now!

We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore Michael's writings, blog postings, fun cartoons, and talks. Michaels books are sold around the world and have helped many to change their outlook on life for the better!

Michael writes about everyday life and how to overcome our challenges by truly loving ourselves and others by trusting in ourselves first.

"Michael is the most down to earth speaker and writer that you will ever meet!"
Rev. J.P. Rowland

Coming soon

 A book about Bullying - another book in the series! We will let you know when it hits the shelves and the internet. . .   


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